TECH Information Solutions Pte Ltd is a leading it Solutions Provider in Sri Lanka offering the Customer the best option in Computers , Note books and all other IT accessories with an innovate product portfolio and an unparalleled after sale services.

The company was established in 1997 under the leadership and the direction of it’s CEO to market world –renowned high quality products coupled with excellent professional service levels in order to satisfy his customers and to become one of the most respected ‘IT” Product supplier in the Sri Lanka IT Sector with the latest and innovative technology in par with the developed countries.

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Be Sure To Check Out Our Special Offers

 Dell Inspiron 17 (408926)

Rs. 158,000/=

HP Printer D1010 (408574)

Rs. 3,100/=

HP Proliant ML310e G8

Rs. 148,000/=


12 Cores Workstation

Rs. 494,000/=